Saturday, 27 August 2011

Tracing history of Tulsian recommendations

Buy Alps industries at 82 a safe bet cmp only rs 2.5. I dont know how people will recover the losses. Return -97% He is a rockstar

Friends if you want to safe your friends relatives from SP Tulsian multi-lagger ideas please forward it to your friends relatives asking not to subscribe he has cheated people like anything and we have lost money by trusting Tulsian. Few people are writing stating this guy has outspoken on New IPO issues and safeguarded them. I would suggest go to and follow the thread on IPO you will get it the idea behind why and how almost all IPO's are overpriced


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I think this is enough to prove his credential will update more about his multibagger ideas. His recommendation has cost me a fortune now I wont let others get trapped. Yesterday he was telling about how operators work in New listing he idnt talk about his own reco on IPO telling FV of BS Transcomm is 400 or so cmp is at 80 abouts and people praise him for being honest with few ipo's 95% ipo is a scam where operators try to make fortune and retail investors get trapped. Believe your own eyes so its not a rocket science for sure.
He suggested subscribe on LT finance and he was surprised that they have priced ipo so less
 He suggested to avoid Jubl Food IPO and Lovable and Coal India the three best IPO's of the year 

Friday, 19 August 2011

S P Tulsiyan Multibagger Ideas

Please promote the link through mail facebook write to your friends who are new to investment world save them from his so called multibagger ideas for his misrepresntation, lies (error) If you share the link on FB, Twitter or thorugh mail people will be aware of his intentions and potential of generating multibagger returns .This guy is a real gem analyst he changes his views looking at the market price of the stock. He takes into account EPS of the co. multiply with the PE multiple and give answers to your stock queries. Because of him we have lost hell lot of money so in his honor I will post his multi bagger ideas and will also post his views that changed and how much loss we are suffering because of this mastermind

Here goes the story
BS Transcom: Target 200 reco price 145 cmp 86 return - 60%

ADSL:  It was recommended by him at 300 cmp 28 return -90%

IVRCL has a target of Rs 125 CMP Rs 35 . reco price 105 return -67%

Now he recommends a sell

KS OIL has a target of 26 CMP 8 reco Price 17 Return -55%

At Rs 8 he says he was skeptical about management he changed his views in two weeks. Kudos to him

Den Network Reco Price 97 cmp 42 return -55%

Now he is again skeptical on management time frame 4 months
JP infra cmp 39 reco price 78 return -50%
Binani INdustries reco price 228 cmp -139 return -30%
Ugar Sugar stock was Rs 20 stock every other analyst pointed out it to be a stock market operation kind stock reco price Rs 20 CMP Rs 13
Return -35%

Bhartiya INternational painted information from him
Reco PRice 95 cmp 40 return -60%

GM BReweries best of the lot reco price 120 cmp 95 return just -20%

He advised not to subscribe in COal INdia and Jubiliant FOod incidentally both are the best /outperformers of the year

ARSS INFRA : CMP 330 reco price 550 return Just -40%
Please also go through this blog which points out how he changes his view in two weeks

Murli Inds Reco PRice 34 tgt 50 CMP 25 return -30%

He suggested GMR INfra two years back at 120 cmp is 30 Return -75%
He suggested a stock with 0 revenue that is Asian Oil Field with 10 yrs of dubious storystill he recommendd at 58-60 cmp 45 return -35%

He recommended a BIFR co at 72 Dunlop India cmp of the stock is 24 :) Awesome return of -67%

Balaji AMines a punter stock reco at 44 cmp 33. Return of -25% cheers

This joker reco Jm financial at 35 suggesting jm will go to 45 in Dec 2010 in Feb 2010 he suggested stk would go to 30. CMP is 17.85 a whooping -50% return. This guy is crazy and this time he will say it ll move to 22 kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin se maal chalega lekin humlog ko ye kangaal kardega
For tgt of 45
for tgt of 30

IFCI to touch 96 reco price 58-60 incidentally the 52 week high for the year Rec time dec 2010 cmp is 36 return -40%.

Now he is bearish on IFCI. His business of premium investmet is expected to do well as new players add them thinking it to be multibagger analyst. They should see this
Reliance Capital:
This guy in his interview in May 2011 said he is positive on Relcap with a target of 550-600
Three days before he was negative on Rcap at a price of 385

Buy  Cable Corp with a tgt of Rs 50 100 CMP 24 reco price 30 he cooked up a sstory and the stk on behest of his alleged group was tken to 34 no genuine investor oculd buy a single share as ti was up on cirucit for two days and since than its falling drastically. Return of -30%

Buy Ajmera reco price 160 cmp 115 return -40%

Buy ANant Raj
He said it has rental income of 8200 cr as rental income this cheater can tell anything refer link and current return is -30% when the NAV of asset is less than 1000 crore

Thank you friends I will update more cos as you people provide me the link
Falcon tyre reco price 140 cmp 40 return of -67%
Best part this is again a bad mgmt to start with

I am loving it this guy has made multi multi investors beggar hope the motive of multi beggar ideas is not the same. I dont think the TV people are sleeping and Shri Udayan Mukherjee is listening to this guy han why you have to invite this joker who says he was bullish on sugar stocks when a week before he made his stance he was bearish and than because sugar had gone up 5% due to technical bounce he changed his stance he is an analyst or a politician.
I apologize to use the word Joker punter but this is my anguish I invested 5 lacs on his reco today i m sitting  at 1.4 lacs. Giving me portfolio return of -70%. I dont know about his knowledge because for me he is a guy who gives misrepresentation etc which has costed me my savings. Hope you all will not fall pray to his advise. He might be good for few but he is a disappointment for many.